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Setting up Cron Jobs or scheduler

What is cron job?


Use of Cron in UltimatePOS

Cron Jobs are used for the following purposes:

  1. Automatic Backup: If you want to automate the backup process to take place every day.
  2. Subscription invoice: If you use a recurring invoice or subscription invoice feature in ultimatepos.
  3. WooCommerce Module: Used in WooCommerce module only if you want to enable auto-synchronization of orders from WooCommerce to UltimatePOS.
  4. Superadmin Module: Notify the user when the subscription gets expired.

Any other features as mentioned throughout the documentation.

Setting up a cron job

  1. You will find cron job command in Administrator Backup screen(available since V2.13) or WooCommerce module API settings or Superadmin Cron Jobs Menu.
    It will be in this format:
    * * * * * php /path_to_pos_folder schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1
  2. Login into your Cpanel or direct admin or similar server management portal and Go into Cron Jobs or scheduler menu.
  3. In the “Add New Cron Job” section, select:
    minutes = *
    Hour = *
    Day = *
    Month = *
    Weekday = *
    Command = php /path_to_pos_folder schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1
    The command is same as the command displayed above except removing all the * before it.
  4. Click “Add New Cron Job” Button and it will be added.

NOTE: only one cron job is required for all features, don’t add it multiple times.

Setting cronjob interval in the code:

Follow the file path in the codebase  pos\Modules\Woocommerce\Providers\WoocommerceServiceProvider.php

Search for the line twiceDaily(1, 13) and change it as per required.

Refer to the laravel official document below.

Cron job errors & Fixes:

ArgvInput.php  ‘Invalid argument supplied for foreach()’

To fix this error, go to edit php.ini and enable/turn-on register_argc_argv ini settings. And it will start to work fine

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