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Introduction to UltimatePOS module development

What is a module?

Modules are basically plugins/addons which help you add additional functionality to the core UltimatePOS Application.

We provide many official Modules which can be found in codecanyon & in our official shop.

UltimatePOS is a Point of sales & ERP application that provides all the basic functionality for any type of business.

There is every growing demand for many features to fulfill different business needs. So if you’re a developer having programming knowledge of Web Development & Laravel development then you can easily add new features to UltimatePOS.

Maintaining Modules:

Being a developer it’s your responsibility for the maintenance of modules.

Although the module development system of UltimatePOS is stable as of now, there might be some improvements, breaking & non-breaking changes in future releases. So it’s your responsibility to test & update the modules accordingly.

Modules Support:

For all modules developed by you, it’s your responsibility to provide support for it.

We’re only responsible for providing support for UltimatePOS & all modules developed by our team.

Selling Modules:

If you want to sell modules, you should sell them in codecanyon. Selling it on some other website is against our terms & conditions.

Feel free to decide your own price 🙂

Support for modules development

This document will provide you a comprehensive guide for module development. Beyond this document, it will be hard for us to help you with the module development.

When writing this document we assume you have expertise in Web development & Laravel Development.Tagsultimateposultimatepos module development

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