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Purchase Order

What is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is a document given by the buyer (usually you) to the supplier to request a purchase of goods.

A purchase order contains the buyer invoicing details, delivery details, products, quantities, pricing, tax, discounts, payment terms, payment details, shipping charges if any, and other notes.

The supplier will issue a sales order against the purchase order you have provided.

A purchase order has multiple statuses: Ordered, Partial, Completed

Enabling Purchase Order

To enable purchase Order, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Business Settings
  2. Purchase tab -> Enable Purchase Order
  3. Save it.

Using Purchase Order in AccEasy

Creating purchase order

After Enabling Purchase order, inside Purchase you’ll find the Purchase -Order menu.

Go to add Purchase order, fill in all the details and save it.

Stocks are not added on issuing Purchase orders.

Once a Purchase order is created you can print it and send it to the supplier.

Converting purchase Order to Purchase

On receiving Purchase orders the supplier issues a sales or invoice.

  1. Go to Purchase -> Add Purchase, select the supplier.
  2. On Selecting it will populate the list of all Purchase orders related to the supplier on the “Purchase Order” dropdown.
  3. Select the Purchase Order and it will auto load the products for that order with the product’s price, tax, discounts applied automatically as the sales order.
  4. You can increase or decrease the quantity.
  5. Save it and the status of the Purchase order will change automatically.
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