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Setting up Email/SMTP for Forgot password & other email notifications.

Setting Email for Forgot Password & Other application-wide emails

Email functionality is used in some parts of applications like “Forgot Password”, “Offline Payment approval for SaaS module” and others from time-to-time.

During installation steps, you can set up email setting with all “SMTP” details or if you’re server support php-mail then you can use that too (php-mail is not recommended)

But if you have not set up it correctly then you can follow the below steps to do it:

  • Open you .env file
  • You will find the below configurations present there
    • MAIL_DRIVER=smtp
  • Fill in the appropriate details, you can get in contact with your hosting provider for any of the values above.
  • For example with Gmail it looks like below:
    • MAIL_DRIVER=smtp
    • Some hosting disable port 587 and due to that email may not work, contact your hosting provider & they will enable it.

Gmail SMTP:

If you’re using Gmail or GSuite it might throw some errors, check below for a solution:

  1. If you have 2-factor authentication enabled (almost all have this enabled) then create an app password for pos.
    1. More details here
    2. Create app password from here:
  2. Change port & encryption: Try using port 465 and encryption SSL
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